TMDX - is now Hypergrowth…

I have not posted about this company for a long time as it was not actually in high-growth mode and I was told it was off topic. I think it now qualifies. Last Q was 125% YOY rev growth with 76% gross margins.

The stock is up 41% YTD. I believe they will have revenue growth greater than 100% YOY for the next 3 quarters at least. They have FDA approval for all products now and they are gaining traction in the market. Last quarter was their first full quarter with all products approved.

If you want to learn more, the link above for the TMDX board has a summary from the latest ER.



TMDX 2 quarters ago guided to 62-82% yoy growth. Then last quarter they upped their guidance to 95-115% yoy sales growth. I thought their conference call was very positive and I think that TMDX has the green fields to themselves. The current standard of care is ice in a cooler. It has been a welcome green stock in a sea of red. Given the high costs of transplants, it seems like a no brainer to insure optimal treatment of organs.