TMDX related news

One of the things that has been brought up by analysts as a possible future TAM expansion for TMDX is that they could possibly take on more responsibility in the overall coordination of where organs get allocated. Right now that role is filled by a network of “OPOs”.

"Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) are not-for-profit organizations responsible for recovering organs from deceased donors for transplantation in the U.S. There are 56 OPOs, each mandated by federal law to perform this life-saving mission in their assigned donation service area.

The OPO’s role is to assess donor potential, collect and convey accurate clinical information, and follow national policies for offering organs. (It is the transplant hospital’s role to review organ offers and decide whether they are suitable for their patients.)

OPOs are on the front-line of organ procurement, and work directly with a decedent’s family during the emotional discussion about potential donation in order to facilitate the gift of life. For every successful match, the OPO facilitates authorization, testing, the recovery of donor organs and delivery to the transplant hospital."

There is a potential change that may soon be approved that could open up competition in the OPO area and people have speculated that this is something that would be a natural fit for TMDX. If TMDX were able to start taking over this role, it would strengthen their moat.


Very interesting, and great find @AnalogKid70.

The CEO made a comment along those very lines in the Canaccord presentation. Something to the effect a bill was being signed revamping the national organ procurement system to allow voices like TMDX a seat at the table in redesigning it. While government timelines are always unpredictable, the article states it is on pace to start the contracting process this fall. If TMDX can somehow position itself as the go to medium or long-range provider in that first round of bids, the money likely promised via those contracts could calm a lot of nerves about the upcoming CapEx spend.

This probably goes without saying, but additional positives in this area with any kind of Q3 outperformance similar to the last few quarters could be a significant catalyst for the stock. Pure speculation at this point though.