I have mentioned this company before, and I’ll keep periodically bringing it up for you all to consider. There is a new article today on SA that does a perfect job of providing a summary of the current situation - link below.

Quote from the article - “Innovative companies that serve an unmet need, save lives, drive down costs, face little competition and are poised for strong profitability are rare.”

Another good quote - " the innovation of OCS is one of the few products or services for which everyone in the value chain benefits from its underlying success."…

In addition, there is another aspect of the company that this article doesn’t really even get into that I think is a HUGE source of its disruptive potential. I will be posting a summary on that (hopefully) this weekend.

I know you guys are mostly SaaS / Tech focused - but I encourage yo to give this co a look. It’s currently my second largest position - after LVGO