TMF overall Performance

I joined TMF recently based on the advertised performance of 703% vs. 155% for the S&P. After scrutinizing the stock list I see this is mostly based on stock picks prior to 2019. The most recent years are terrible. What explains this poor performance. I have been an investor for 45 years and I am fanatical about doing my own bottoms up research.


Hi wolfhounds - welcome to the Fool and congrats on your first post here!
One of the most enduring maxims of investing is that past performance is no guarantee of future results

Post 2019, almost anybody who speculated on meme / FOMO / WFH stocks was a genius
Then came the inevitable payback

Lots of Fools (many of them newly minted) piled in. Unfortunately, they ran out of Greater Fools who would take their get-rich-quick illusions off their hands at anything more than a fire sale price

As a long time investor, I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve seen this movie. The good news is that you’re committed to doing your own due diligence - I’m sure that will keep you out of uncharted waters
Happy Fooling!

You obviously didn’t pay attention to my remarks. Read them again and give me an answer that isn’t pre-programmed.