TMF Warning about Micron - cost-per-bit mystery…

"Profits can still grow if Micron reduces its cost per bit at a faster rate, but the company has done something curious on that front. Beginning with the latest earnings report, Micron has stopped disclosing cost-per-bit changes, ripping it out of its quarterly slide deck without explanation.

"This metric is also nowhere to be found in Micron’s 10-Q. Whenever a company stops disclosing an important metric, I assume it’s trying to keep investors in the dark.

“Micron’s results depend on three metrics: how many bits it sells, the average selling price of those bits, and cost of producing those bits. Prior to the latest quarter, Micron disclosed all of these metrics for both DRAM and NAND in its quarterly presentation.”


not sure whether they don’t want competitors to know or don’t want stockholders to know

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I thought of that, too, after I posted. I suppose the due-diligence thing would be to see what the figures were previously, and compare the figures with similar companies.

I bought Micron, and then sold it inside of a month. No matter what you want to believe, I believe that computed memory is a commodity business. Not where I want my investment dollars.