To Quillinpen

Hi Quillinpenn,

I see you are very excited by, perhaps are even an employee of, and that you want want very badly to advertise it. However, this is not a board.

If you would like to start such a board, just go to “Start a New Board” just above the Red Heart on this, and every one of these, pages. Please quit placing your ads for on this board.




re: tools in a toolbox


I am sorry to say I am not a stockcharts employee whatsoever other than a subscriber for about 24 bux a month. I have created my own scanner programs with the help from a few friends in teaching me how to write some programs as a tool in finding daily stocks to trade. I use them as well as Think or Swim (TOS) charts for my technical analysis as a Day, Swing and Scalp trader for the past 41 years.

Prior to that I was a Principle IC (integrated circuits) Layout Designer designing complex state of the art Computer chips for 41 years as well. Have been a manager managing 22 men and women.

I was layed off on May 1st 2007 at high noon since then I have been a swing trader ever since that date.

I was in the Navy for four years as a DM-3 (Illustrator Draftsman) and am a Vietnam Veteran.

I am also a CAREGIVER 24/7 to my wife who has Lymes desease and Parkinson Desease who has a difficult time getting around and feeding and washing herself since January of 2003.

I basically trade for a living and monitor my 3 one million dollar portfolios per my own personal strategies of which I gave it away to a few Motley Fool boards.

I am currently an Options player trading QQQ calls and puts, TQQQ puts and calls, SQQQ puts and calls making huge profits. TQQQ/SQQQ are one of my cash cow stocks using the Tetter Totter Principle. They are also in one of my Million Dollar Portfolios. I have created various chart templates using Stockcharts for kwik review. The 10 minute chart is the best chart to use.

Now Mr. Rosenthal, Peruse at your leisure and learn from a professional swing trader who is trying to earn a living by teaching others as well as learning ideas from our fellow peers such as yourself on these boards. I read as much as tyme permits and review 194 stocks every night before turning in at 3am and getting up at 7am to take care of my wife until 2am 7 days a week. Not an easy task.… and now applying the GREEN BAR - RED Bar tact.……

I created the above mess because there are no mentors to help me in my plight as when and how to buy or sell a stock. I taught myself and my desciplines in making my life as well as others easier. I do understand Fundamental analysis, however use it as background information when needed.

From what I see and here, there are an awful lot of people who need help out there and you do it your way
(James J. Cramer style) and I do it my way with the tools that I have in my toolbox.

I am also a member of the 2 comma club left of the decimal zero zero and would like to help others achive there goals as I have done through many years of experience via trial and many errors.

Best of luck to you on your journey in teaching as I have done.

My best regards,

Quillnpenn -


I could not agree with you more
Thank you for calling Quillpenn out.
Now let us just hop he follows the advise.
As always, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us
I do not post all tat often, but I follow what you write closely, though not close enough. I am still in GTLS :frowning:


nice view


As Mr. Wonderful from the Shark Tank would say, “All I want is to make MONEY”. His mother told him to only buy stocks that will rise greater than 5 percent and bail out. Plus the stocks must pay dividends, otherwise he will not buy the stock.…

there are several ways to trade.

  1. the zeroline defense

  2. the greenbar-red bar

  3. simon Sez. bought on Feb 1st and sold on March 10th for a kewl 31,000 profit and then compounded the profits on March 31st and waiting for a sell signal by Simon and company. so from 90 bux to 144 bux is not shabby with only 6 minutes of werk per week per stock.…

  1. Options if allowed, can be traded via the zero line defense and the green-bar red bar.

  2. 13 ema over 50 ema.… for the folks who travel via DAL or ALK, thank you very much.……

Now insert the following stocks into the above models…ASGN, VPFG, NEU, VSB, DFRG, HP, RCAP, CBT, NVDA, WES, TAP, DYN, CLR, ALV, ATO, CLR, ANDE, BUD, HAL, TRGP, Z, WRE, ERF, CWEI, EGAS, WNRL et., al. Are they heading north.

Now gurls, let’s compare your mess to above to Mr. Wonderful’s idea of making money. ( Blue with the P85, 21" rims package) how do you like my car which is being delivered in July and waiting for the Model X. The X is on the waiting list.

The Perpetual Income coming in for life folder is paying the tab.

ie. bought ACG way back in November of 1986 with 20K down and compounded the returns plus adding 400 dollars a month until 100,000 shares was in the folder. Getting 100,000 nickels every month per share. Split the load and and bought O and MAIN getting about 0.1825 and 0.2750 cents per share each per month per share. then split them again and have 4 sets of 12 stocks.…

Stocks that Pay Dividends in January/April/July/October

Stocks that Pay Dividends in February/May/August/November

Stocks that Pay Dividends in March/June/September/December

Gurls, your going to need about 2 million in the bank by the time you retire. SSI and the pension checks is not going to cut it.

Good luck in your journey and enjoy. I am,

Quillnpenn - “Buying from the Scared, Selling to the Greedy”


Hi again Quillnpenn,

I’m very sorry to hear about your wife. Being an old guy myself, I have a number of friends who are semi-invalided and it is very difficult for them and everyone around them.

Also congratulations on your success in trading. It sounds as if you have done very well. However this board is not set up to discuss trading at all. It’s set up for a discussion of stock fundamentals and a modified buy-and-hold investing philosophy.

Wouter28 suggested a MF board on technical analysis and trading, and I suggested you set up your own board. In either case, if you wish to continue to discuss trading, we’d appreciate it if you’d do it elsewhere.




Quillnpenn - “Buying from the Scared, Selling to the Greedy”

Hey Quillpenn,

How come you don’t have any PSEC in there with the other, BDC interest providers? Main is way over book value (though it is a premium stock as is O, whereas you can buy PSEC for about book value and get 12% per year one month at a time.

Any thoughts?

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PSEC just started to pay monthly dividends starting 6/18/2010. only gave PSEC a DAR’s rating of 3.2 out of 5. However, PSEC will be added to my on deck list and replace where in may fit in one of my sets.

I scan through the Monthly lists and then the Quarterly manually with two (2) requirements. One being like Mr. Wonderful’s rules is that the Dividend yield has to be greater than 6 percent and the second is that the Payout amount must pay greater than a dime.

When the stock is showing greater than a 10 percent profit, it is sold and a stock from the on deck list is replaced.

Finally, all stocks must be purchased before the Ex-Dividend date and not on but before the date, otherwise we don’t get a check for the following month.

PSEC happened to make the list near the bottom… on page 1. The fun begins by finding 12 stocks that pay a certain week where we are looking for a check every week every month.… this one works faster in finding stocks per our two (2) rules.

Thanks for the stock and shall add it to the on deck list.

Best regards,

Quillnpenn - “Buying from the Scared, Selling to the Greedy”


Thanks for the stock and shall add it to the on deck list.

Thanks for sharing your system, though it is a bit busy for me.

I also suggest you look at TCAP, from the same BDS group. During the 2008-2009 meltdown, reputedly they were the only company to continue paying a dividend…a stalwart and pays over 6% but higher than book value. I worry about these hi flyers when the economy turns around so I also try to buy them at around book value or if I con’t, like TCAP, I watch them like they are the canaries in the mine.


Wow. How very disappointing.

When I posted last nite on the GTLS thread, I had been away for a couple of days and hadn’t yet read this thread.

Hard to believe that some would call Quillnpenn a Scam, let alone, charge him with not sufficiently caring for his wife.
Shamefully disrespectful.

“…placing your ads for…”
“…calling him out…”

I learn more from open, dissenting-view discussions, than from discussions all of the same vein. This isn’t even a discussion.
It’s a, Let’s-throw-him-out-of-Town thread. Disappointing.

Just something to consider:

Saul said he “…was lucky enough to have sold 30% of my already small position (in NGVC) earlier this week for cash at $36.60. I had to sell the rest this afternoon at about $24.60.”

Then he went on to explain his fundamental reasons. Valiant deduction. Kudos.

For consideration is simply that the chart did the work for us, telling us [clearly] to take profits out on 31Mar [or at least by 7Apr].…

And no, I am not placing an ad for, tho I do rely on the service they provide.

Best of the DaY to All.



In my (our) defense, this board was set up to discuss investing from a long-term, fundamentals-based orientation, and it has been very successful doing so, with over 1100 posts in four months. It is not a board for technical analysis or short term trading. That’s a different ballgame, a different topic, and there are other boards for that, and more can be started.

Quillnpenn burst on the scene with post 1044, with four or five links to a stock service called, which looked like an ad for a charting service. Then shortly after there were a blizzard of his posts at #’s 1067, 1068, 1069, 1072, and 1073, all linking to, which really looked like he was touting a service to me (and obviously to others). This got me to ask him to take his posts elsewhere, and I explained how easy it would be to set up his own board to give him an alternative.

He responded by saying that he was just a subscriber to the service, and discussed some personal issues. Then on post 1091 I pointed out very nicely again that this is not a board for technical analysis. I then asked him again, very nicely to take these posts to a technical analysis board. There were 21 recs for this post, so others apparently agreed with me.

I have no objection to technical analysis, or to trading, or to discussing the service provided by, but that’s not what this board is for, and I can’t understand why someone would insist on choosing to continue posting technical analysis posts here when he has been requested not to, and when there are MF boards set up for that. But that’s the way it is.

I hope this helps explain it a little.



Every time I see a post from Quillinpen I stop and read it.I still haven’t figure out if he is a genius or an idiot.I just don’t understand his method of trading.I think he might be on to something I just dont know.The web site in question is a great free site and used by a bunch of posters on other boards. I don’t think QP is a shill for that site.
Just another outsiders opinion

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Hard to believe that some would call Quillnpenn a Scam, let alone, charge him with not sufficiently caring for his wife.
Shamefully disrespectful.

I respectfully request that we all work very hard at not taking sides. We all have positions, we all might not like others opinions on the positions that we hold dearly, but hold that comment and keep it to yourself. Your outrage is not that important unless you intend to stir up more outrage.

There’s more value here in this board than others, and it is easily spotted by a novice, so let’s not traffic in comments that might disrupt that value.

I’m not commenting on scam or no scam. I only suggest we all keep focused on what we’re doing here. We’re not exposing scams, nor defending positions and anything that detracts from our mission is not worthy of propagation.

Saul requested that Quillpenn pay attention to what our work is here. We’re not traders and we LOVE traders, but we just don’t want to spend time on trading techniques/issues. I think Quillpenn gets it and has changed his modus operandi. He’a welcome here, we just don’t want to talk trading, though it is a very interesting topic and on another board, I might join.

Can we move on? Closure is for those in unsatisfying endings. We are moving on, not ending, so let’s just keep on keeping on.
PS that’s a plea