Stock Screener

I want to thank Saul immensely for creating this board and for all he has shared with everybody! He has attracted the most intelligent, insightful posters in the MF universe, hands down. You all deserve thanks for sharing your knowledge and I have learned more on this board about investing than any other. Nothing has come close. I look forward to coming home from work and reading this board every night as well as on the weekends. THANK YOU everyone!!

Saul and I suspect many others on this board find many of the companies they invest in through Motley Fool subscription services, Motley Fool boards and various newsletters. I subscribe to RB and SA which is where I find the majority of my investments along with this board.

Since there are thousands of companies to invest in I wanted to know if anyone uses a stock screener that may have enough attributes to zero in on potential investments that would meet the criteria of yoy revenue, eps growth, PE, something that may be similar to the 1YPEG that Saul has shared with us recently along with any other attributes that may be beneficial. I understand a screener in and of itself is not a panacea for researching a company before investing my hard earned dollars but I want to cast as wide a net as possible to locate the best of the best candidates.





there are tons of stock screeners. It’s a rabbit hole! Check out Mechanical Investing board and grab some coffee. Those guys are geniuses and there is a screen for anything you’d care to screen for, built already.


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