Tom Brady's responsible for Crypto

Tom Brady is being sued for billions in a class action suit. Apparently his voice in the Sam Bankman-Fried scam requires that people who bought crypto should get part of his wealth.

“I gave money to the guy selling magic beans, and he took off with it!”
And it’s Tom Brady’s fault


Never did like Tom Brady, whenever Dallas lost to him I just knew he was cheating. :joy: :joy:



Well, I guess coming from the State of the Cheater Astros, you must know all about cheating.

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I am from Montana, My Dad comes from Strawn, now what do you have. :smiley:



There’s a duty to due diligence if you’re hawking investment products. Kim Kardasian settled a similar crypto lawsuit.

I bet they come after Matt Damon, too.


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Dallas is number one in the nation till the season starts.

Brady’s ex was smart. She won’t be on the hook.

Oh on a little side note, I had a friend back in the 80’s that was dating Dusty Baker’s sister and we went to a game and Dusty brought us all to his house for dinner. When driving through the streets of Oakland kids would come running out to wave at his car as it passed. Dusty was really nice to us and laughed at me because he had never seen a “hick from the sticks”. His wife was really nice too!. I still have the ball he signed.

As far as what he is going through with the Astro’s? I don’t follow it so can’t really say. Much rather watch hockey or football than baseball.


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