Toyota Comes Out Swinging. 900 Mile EV Range by 2028?

Toyota has been under constant fire from environmentalists and shareholders in the previous 12 months because of its feet-dragging approach to the electrification of its lineup. But now it’s fighting back with an ambitious plan that envisions EVs with over 600 miles (965 kilometers) of range from 2026 and around 900 miles (1,448 km) on a single charge after 2028.

The next step, slated for 2026-2027, involves a bipolar lithium iron phosphate battery that can reduce costs by 40 percent compared to the previous iteration, while an advanced bipolar lithium iron battery with 10 percent more range is scheduled to go into production in 2027-2028.


Using a typical home 8 kW AC charger, how long will it take to fully charge the battery? Assuming best-in-class efficiency, 900 miles would be about 225 kWh battery size. So it would take 28 hours to fully charge it from zero. I don’t quite see the point for everyday typical cars. Might be good for those who regularly drive long distances and only charge at high speed DC chargers, but still who wants to drive 900 miles without stopping for a break anyway???

I assume that battery pack size will eventually be an option when buying a new EV. Do you want 300 mile, 600 mile or 900 mile range.
Or better yet, auto rental companies will have a stock of 600-900 mile range EVs that one could rent for those that wish to drive long distances rather than fly.

Charging stations are quite often near lodging.


As a new owner of a Hybrid (RAV4 Limited), I’d think a Hybrid option to go with the 600 mile range should boost that range as well as guarantee that the lack of a charging station i never a problem… I can also see where Solar charging in one’s home should be the main source… In any case, good to see the continued progress…

I just noticed the thread is a few months old, so there may be other developments I’ve missed… Interesting in any case…