TracyK's portfolio YTD through 11/30/2017

Wow - what an interesting week (or two).

My portfolio results through November: +35.6%

Top holdings - percentage growth

SHOP (Shopify) 104%
NVDA (Nividia) 98%
BLUE (Bluebird Bio) 83%
ABMD (Abiomed) 83%
ALGN (Align) 80%
ANET (Arista Networks) 79%
PAYC (Paycom) 77%
XPO (XPO Logistics) 77%
EPAM (EPAM systems) 58%
ISRG (Intuitive Surgical) 56%
ATVI (Activision Blizzard) 55%
SQ (Square) 49%

Top Holdings - percentage of total portfolio
NFLX (Netflix) 19.1% (33% YTD*)
CASH ($$) 9.1%
AAPL (Apple) 6.8% (42% YTD*)
GOOG/L (Alphabet) 4.8% (27.5% YTD*)
BRK-B (Berkshire Hathaway) 4.3% (20% YTD*)
MFA (MFA Financial) 3.2% (YTD 1%)
NTNX (Nutanix) 2.4% (YTD 46%
ANET (Arista Networks) 2.2% (YTD 79%)
JUNO (Juno Therapeutics) 2.2% (YTD 32%
MELI (Mercado Libre) 2.0% (YTD 0%)
ALGN (Align) 1.9% ( YTD 80%

  • by that I mean I begin to track the stock price the day I purchased it…not necessarily 1/1/2017. What’s a better way to label that?

Top holdings represent 58% of my total portfolio

Sold KMX @ $69.00 per share
Buy (more) SQ @ $38.00 per share
Sell (some) BRK-B $181.15 (today closed at $196.96)
Sell ORCL $49.00 per share
Buy HUBS $85.80 per share
Buy NVEE $55.50 per share
Buy MZOR $61.30 (today closed at $55.73)

Fellow cowboys and cowgirls, we nearing year-end. What’s the best strategy to utilize cash? Staying on the sidelines? Investing…in what? Thoughts?

Have a great evening,


Nice job again Tracy. Where did you find NVEE?


I should take better notes, but I’m pretty sure that I heard about it on one of the Motley Fool podcasts.

I’m working on saying farewell to my old workhorses, so I have cash ready and waiting…what to do, what to do?

Thanks for inspiring me!

NVEE was on one of the motley fool industry focus podcasts, during the week where 3 writers picked a favorite stock on each episode.

I added a starter position in NVEE shortly after, I like the company.


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I’m telling ya folks, the Motley Fool podcasts are very helpful.

Today, I re-listened to a 10/16/2017 podcast from Rule Breaker Investing: Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency. The podcast broke the topics down into small bit sized pieces, and it all made sense. They also mentioned how NVDA is benefiting because of the “miners.” It’s worth your time - take a listen to the podcast.

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