Treasury Coupons

I have not been into bonds at all. Yes I have had studies on bonds years ago.

I am curious where I can find the history of US Treasury coupons?

If I can use stockcharts to get a chart of the coupon rates for different maturities?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Here’s a good tool for visualizing it.

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I found it on the treasury website. It is under the TNC, treasury nominal coupon rate, in table form.

Thanks anyway

The Federal Reserve has data and charts which I use all the time.

Google “FRED 10 year Treasury” or any other maturity.

I forgot to mention…
An exceptionally useful tool is the Dynamic Yield Curve chart from

The left-hand chart is the Treasury yield curve. The right-hand chart is the S&P500. Look carefully at the right vertical axis of the SPX chart and you will see a red vertical line. “Grab” this red line with your mouse. Slide it to the left to indicate different levels of the SPX.

When you do this, the yield curve on the left will show the yield conditions at that same time. I have spent many hours scrutinizing these charts since the yield curve responds to recessions and recoveries which also affect the SPX.

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