Trimmed LGIH

LGIH grew to 25% of my IRA. I trimmed it to 15% today. I do expect a beat and a raise when Q3 is reported, but wonder how much of that is priced in. Time to go over year end projection and think about what will happen when the poor January and February closings get lapped by 2018 closings and 2017 results come out. The best deployment of the cash might be LGIH again. Also succumbed to the SHOP FUD and sold most. Feeling defensive maybe. But I do want to increase Square and there are good arguments for HUBS.

KC, long LGIH, still #1 holding.

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Seems like all the homebuilders are beating estimates, LGIH probably will too, but yes, it could well be baked in after all the recent earnings.

Still long.