$TSLA Lawsuit: Toxic, Racist, Exploitive

Here are four interesting interviews of ex-employees in this thread:

The first video is an interview of Richard Ortiz. Richard worked for NUMMI before Tesla bought that factory location in Fremont. NUMMI was unionized. He made $30-35 an hour and had other benefits as a Union employee. When Tesla took them over, pay dropped to $20 per hour and Tesla expected everyone to work 12-hour shifts, six days a week. “I seen guys who were so afraid of missing that they were throwing up in buckets 'cause they were sick but the didn’t want to lose their job.”

“Turnover was so fast they were using them up and then spitting them out.”

Richard started trying to organize a Union at Fremont. Tesla responded by sending Elon’s goons (ex-military contractors and ex-military) to coercively interrogate him with no representation.

Tesla fired Richard. Richard had already joined the UAW and they used the NLRB to sue Tesla - successively - three times. Also, Tesla had rehire Richard to his old job. Richard continues to try and organize at the Fremont plant.


@MorePerfectUSWho is Elon Musk, Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2021?

We spoke to factory workers at Tesla about what it’s really like working for the richest man in the world.

They told us about a toxic, racist, and exploitative workplace culture that stems from the top. :thread:

The writer of this piece is being harassed by Tesla stans and incels on Twitter. I’ll place her thread there after her CNBC article.


There are no Black executives at Tesla, and only 3% of professionals at the company’s Fremont car plant are Black, the DFEH alleges. However, 20% of the factory operatives at the company’s Fremont vehicle assembly plant are Black. That means Black people are “severely under-represented” in higher paying roles with more influence in the company.

Tesla did not disclose this level of detail in its annual diversity reports.

The agency also accused Tesla of failing to comply with state laws that require companies to provide anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training to workers and to investigate and address complaints about all workers, including full-time, contractors and others.

My note: this is not the kind of HR fiasco you want in a company which had the 2nd or 3rd largest market cap of any company in America a few months ago:

“Tesla had no written procedures for coordinating investigations into racial harassment involving workers from staffing agencies and did not provide standardized training to supervisors on how to conduct investigations into racial harassment,” the DFEH wrote.

Lora’s twitter account reported this:


And here’s the in depth LA Times piece which Tesla goons are attacking on Twitter at this very moment. Never seen so many bots come out for a big cap company. This is very telling in that Tesla supposedly has no PR department.

That said, the LA Times headline: " Horrific allegations of racism prompt California lawsuit against Tesla"


FEB. 11, 2022 5 AM PT

Warning: This story quotes several racist slurs allegedly directed at Black workers at Tesla’s California plant, according to a lawsuit filed against the company.

The N-word and other racist slurs were hurled daily at Black workers at Tesla’s California plant, delivered not just by fellow employees but also by managers and supervisors.

So says California’s civil rights agency in a lawsuit filed against the electric-vehicle maker in Alameda County Superior Court on Thursday on behalf of thousands of Black workers after a decade of complaints and a 32-month investigation.

Tesla segregated Black workers into separate areas that its employees referred to as “porch monkey stations,” “the dark side,” “the slave ship” and “the plantation,” the lawsuit alleges.