Tesla Cans Troublesome Workers

Tesla Workers United told Gizmodo in an email that over thirty employees were fired on February 15, one day after the union sent its email to management describing the intent to organize.

Shareholder Value!

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Also covered by Rob Maurer in Tesla Daily linked in another thread

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From the article:
" Tesla conducts performance review cycles every six months. Employees receive a performance rating from 1 to 5 in each cycle that helps them calibrate their work with the expectations of their job. In the worst case, if an employee fails to meet their performance expectations they will be let go. "
An enhanced Welchism management move. Welch would only can 10% of workers annually.

“The impacted employees were identified on February 3, 2023, which was well before the union campaign was announced.”
Does anyone believe workers weren’t talking & organizing prior to February 3rd & the February announcement? Or that Tesla didn’t learn about the disgruntled workers prior to February? Or that such behavior would automatically move such workers into the worse catagory?

Tesla has had a contentious with the NLRB for a while.

A year ago Musk threw gauntlet down to the UAW. So I suspect they took up Musk challenge.



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March 3, 2022: Elon Musk challenges the UAW to unionize Tesla


The richest man on earth said he had worked hard to create opportunities for staff across the hierarchy of his company- evening claiming he had made factory workers millionaires thanks to stock options.

While I believe his factory workers have access to stock options likely very few have become millionaires. [I am sure he has made executives & some engineers into millionaires]. Methinks this is a case of hyperbolic speech from Musk. Otherwise the UAW would have zero chance of unionizing Tesla.

Musk is having union problems in Sweden. I am wondering if he will have problems on his factory in Germany. Unions are very strong in the EU.


Reminds me of UPS - who made many of their workers (and not necessarily drivers - who did not get stock options) millionaires too.

Of course, UPS is very much unionized regardless. And, their union got them a PHAT deal this year:

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  • When workers get stock options, shareholders pay in dilution.
  • When workers get union raises, customers pay in inflation.
  • Dilution is progressive while inflation is regressive.

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