$TSLQ, $TSLL, & $TSLS - These 3 Inverse $TSLA own 70% Shares of Single Stock ETFs Traded Daily?

I just traded $TSLQ twice in the past 4-5 weeks and had solid gains on both trades (I’m still out at this moment.)

Until a few minutes ago, I had never heard of $TSLL, $TSLS (see, Twitter still has a use) so I’ll be charting them today.

I was not aware of the other single stock inverse ETFs in this list. This will make shorting those big names so much easier.

(Reuters) - Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said it was “generally wise” to avoid using margin loans on any company when there are macroeconomic risks involved, in response to a question on Twitter about the electric-vehicle maker’s stock performance.

“When there are macroeconomic risks, it is generally wise to avoid using margin loans on any company, as stocks may move in ways that are decoupled from their long-term potential,” Musk tweeted late on Thursday, without naming any companies.

The view comes as Musk’s bankers consider providing him with new margin loans, backed by Tesla’s stock, to replace some of the high-interest debt on his Twitter deal, as per a Bloomberg News report.


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**Yikes! It’s crazier than I thought. Some of the biggest cheerleaders on Twitter for $TSLA haven’t a clue about money management, stop/losses, diversification, etc. **