TTD aces net promoter score again

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Trade Desk, Inc. (Nasdaq:TTD), a global technology platform for buyers of advertising, earned the top Net Promoter Score for Demand Side Platforms (DSP) in the latest Programmatic Intelligence Report from Advertiser Perceptions. More than 360 ad buyers at both brands and agencies were surveyed. Buyers were more likely to recommend The Trade Desk’s DSP than any other, including offerings from well-known consumer brand names. This was the second consecutive #1 NPS® ranking for The Trade Desk in this bi-annual survey.

"Being an independent DSP solely focused on the buy-side helps us deliver the best results for our clients, and this ranking is further proof of that,” said Kathleen Comer, Vice President of Client Services at The Trade Desk. “Our consultative approach, coupled with our responsiveness to our clients, are keys to our better than 95 percent customer retention rate for the past 15 reported quarters.”

That’s pretty tough to beat.


I opened a position a month ago and it’s done nicely for me. This is a segment of commerce that had not been properly disrupted by SaaS until now. It should continue to do nicely. It even has real earnings instead of massaged earnings! LOL

Denny Schlesinger

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Does it matter to TTD that the big ad. agencies are going south? I put this question to the TTD board but it did not elicit a response which surprised me.

more on ad agencies……

the latter saying much of the problem is the agencies themselves

a big step forward won’t be a big winner if the underlying industry is slowly expiring. No improvement in steam locomotives could save them from diesel electric.

TV is the key. It’s way more powerful than any other media but at least 80% of the ads there are wasted on a general audience that is uninterested in the product. But some, like car and/or home insurance is needed by all ,which is why you see Flo so often. It pays off, State Farm tried a drastic increase in my car insurance and I phoned Progressive saving hundreds of dollars.

Mauser, as you probably figured out I watch a lot of on demand streaming content. Ads are tossed up such as for diapers or things that might impress teenagers. Youthful as I am, my kids are not of diaper age and I generally prefer non-teenage focused products. Heck, I even get inundated w online college.

None of this stuff, by simple demographic will would tell a tv advertiser that they are wasting money on every ad streamed to me.

The money to anyone who can fix this problem for streaming tv ads will be worth billions.

At present it is just awful.


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Advertising agencies squeezed by tech giants

No thanks!

Denny Schlesinger

weird , I got that FT article to come up , I read it, but now it won’t.

too bad, FT has some good stuff but not worth the cost.

The money [goes] to anyone who can fix this problem for streaming tv ads will be worth billions.

With one way TV there is no solution that I can think of. With the new 2 way TV it can be done just like you can target WWW audiences. TTD is doing just that. They should get the money!

Denny Schlesinger

too bad, FT has some good stuff but not worth the cost.

You can read it for free! Google

“Advertising agencies squeezed by tech giants”

and that link works! LOL

Denny Schlesinger

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Below are two key excepts:

"According to Enders, the increasing focus on short-term slots — driven by the speed and efficiency of programmatic online advertising — poses a serious threat to the traditional role agencies have played in developing memorable campaigns for big brands such as Coke, Apple and McDonald’s.

Enders found that the balance between long-term brand building and short-term activation was broadly equal at 50 per cent, but would soon tip to 60/40 in favour of the short term, handing even more power over advertising to the tech platforms. Research shows that chief marketing officers hold their posts for shorter periods than other senior executives, adding to the short-termism."

And much of this, despite the improvement of programmatic is because:

"The agencies have been accused of spending clients’ funds but then taking undisclosed rebates from media companies that are not passed back to them.

Added to that, the lack of transparency around programmatic buying — the high-speed auctions for online ad slots — has forced many companies to cut out the agencies and deal directly with tech platforms.

The result has been a surge in advertising spending, with just two of those technology companies — Google and Facebook — already accounting for one-fifth of all global advertising spending, according to Credit Suisse."

In my opinion there needs to be a counterweight to Google and Facebook, but it is doubtful Google and Facebook are going to relent anytime soon until the counterweight actually fights and gains its own presence.

And there is much more detail in the article about how ad agencies are getting slaughtered and reasons why, along with the decline in television and a lot of fascinating thing.

The question then becomes, is TTD (tiny TTD, the savior in making?) Is there room for anyone to be significant in the presence of Google and Facebook?


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I am not going to copy and paste anymore, but as you read through the article it turns out Google (particularly through uTube) and Facebook, have both been fraudulent and misleading as well to large advertisers.

I can attest to abuses with Google with small business. Seems they had similar problems with large business. The problems were not just misreporting numbers and impressions and the like, but also the well publicized placing ads on extremist and fake news sites.

This is being used by agencies to say, come back to us, we will protect you and do it right.

It seems the one party that I know of, who is attempting to make their billions on this is TTD. I do not know enough about the industry to know who else is doing so. My experience is, is that a well run company gone public almost always signifies that the public company is also the leader in the field that it focuses on. For TTD that would be demand side programmatic, along with streaming media (particularly in Asia).

TTD is selling itself as the fair shooter. They are not beholden to the publishers (such as Google and Facebook). They do not buy the ads and take kickbacks. They service only the ad buyers, with all the services that are suppose to provide honest and detailed information, avoiding dangerous sites and fake news sites, and all the other things that ad buying companies are complaining of.

The one large issue TTD has is dealing with the walled gardens of Facebook and Google. TTD cannot buy ads on their sites. So TTD has moved around the world where Facebook and Google do no dominate. They have moved to pioneer radio and streaming television advertising (there has to be a very low inventory of ads on these latter two services because the ads on Pandora are utterly irrelevant to me. I am not that old, but the ads are meant primarily for college students. There is no data going into these ads. The most effective ones on streaming TV come from networks like the CW who have made their ads almost exactly like that you see on the live feed. A large variety, and a few actually are relevant to me because of this. But CW is not using TTD for this).

In fact, I do not think TTD will do very well in the U.S. market for streaming media. The most effective ads I see do not use their services. May just be a lack of ad inventory, but it is also a lack of data and means to implement that data.

I have no information about how it may work in Asia however.

Anyway, if you want to invest in a company that is trying to counter the behemoths of Google and Facebook, and sis showing great success at a very small size (don’t know if this is the low hanging fruit or the start of something great), TTD is the company.