TTD Earnings

It isn’t really necessary to post a link to the IR page any longer is it?

TTD reported earnings. Sales were up 42%, but earnings were the highlight up 68%.
Forecasted sales for next quarter show 37% growth and for the year are expected to grow 31% roughly.

On a TTM basis, sales are up 52% and EPS up 81%.

Obviously still need to read the call, but the only question seems to be how long this can last.
This quarter is obviously their best quarter so will need to look at seasonality, but it looks quite good thus far.



It isn’t really necessary to post a link to the IR page any longer is it?

I wouldn’t say necessary, but 1 person’s 4-6 key strokes (control-C then control-V and maybe a few enter/returns) and 2 or 3 mouse clicks could save someone else 1 or 2 clicks and maybe 10-20 key strokes if they already have a tab open (assuming use of a keyboard rather than mobile device).

Earnings announcements are pretty easy to find though, for sure.

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numbers were great…listening to conf call now.

Hoping to hear more on:
walled gardens
AT&T rumors
growth in Asia
CTV growth was massive, but likely off small number…what does near term future look like?
clients/agencies (had 95%+ client retention 16 Qs running, but are the agencies seeing weakness, and if so, what is their direct path prospects?)

-Dreamer (long TTD)


Up 13% after-hours (as of the latest price that I see).

I saw on StockTwits that Jeff Green apparently mentioned new partnerships with Baidu and Ali Baba, which sounds like a rather nice development for TTD.

Bear and I both bought some TTD options last week that are looking to have a nice chance to make a quick return (both using with small percentages of our portfolio, if I’m not mistaken). Whoops, mentioning Chinese companies and options both in the same post…to make up for it, I’ll throw a few TTD numbers in this post to make it better fit this board.

annual revenues of $308 million, which is an increase of 52% over the year.
This growth is almost double the rate of the programmatic industry’s 27%, according to Magna

Growing about twice as fast as the industry sounds nice.

Q4 2017 revenues were $102.6 million and up 42% from Q4 2016. Q4 2017 adjusted EBITDA was
$39.5 million for an adjusted EBITDA margin of 38.5%. As we have each quarter since our IPO,
we have once again exceeded our guidance.
While these numbers are great, they tell only part of the story.

Consistently beating guidance is nice…sounds like something ANET does similarly.

Link to 4th quarter prepared remarks:…

Link to earnings release housed on TTD IR site:…


Talk about leverage! 42% revenue increase = 64% increase in NonGAAP diluted EPS.
Nice and still miles down from their high!


Nice and still miles down from their high!

Do you mean miles from their previous high stock price? I calculate about 12% off of that.