I’ve been out of MF stock advisor and rule breakers for awhile but saw TTD on Stock Gumshoe.
I thought it looked like an appropriate stock to bring to the board. I’m just looking at this and a bunch of other things and have no position. Growth rate seems to be absurdly high. %148 y/y !?!…

Btw, Thanks to Saul and this board, after years of bad stock picking and losing $ on stocks, I made 92% in the last 12 months. Yaaaaay!!!
Thanks to everyone here!!! :slight_smile:

I’m long SHOP, ANET and SQ


can’t reply with much right now, but wanted to point you towards the SAS: The Trade Desk board. Since it is a Stock Advisor “high conviction” pick they have had some activity on the board. I also posted some thoughts there too.

Net for me is that short interest grew from about 1.5m in May to about current 7.5m, creating a lot of downward pressure. TTD CEO is great, but had a habit of crushing his qtrly ERs, but on his last one he just kinda barely beat it…so the market jumped all over perceived weak guidance and stock took a huge haircut from its peak (but still up quite a bit when viewed over 12 months or the IPO in 2016).

Q4 ER is next week on 2/22. If, and it is an important “if”, the Q4 number is met/exceeded and guidance for 2018 appears strong, I expect the stock could head back up to $60 over the next few months. Even quicker if there is a short squeeze given the high short interest. (10 days to cover at normal volume currently)

Great company culture per Glassdoor, heavily invested and sharp leadership (started first ad exchange which was bought by MSFT over a decade ago - then they started their own company The Trade Desk, which went public last year.)

For an approx $2b market cap, you get a company with rapid growth, and one that has been and expects to continue to be profitable already. The main areas of growth are Mobile, China/Asia, and Connected TV (CTV).

Happy hunting,