Been shopping for a 4K streamer. My initial 4K Roku blew up when I took it down to my home theatre for 4K streaming of Netflix. It still works upstairs, but for some reason the 4K blew up. I have Apple TV downstairs (pre-4K). So looking for a 4K streamer last night. What I found is that Roku is by far the best quality/price - value streaming players in the world. The equivalent - give or take - like Windows v. Apple OS - to Apple TV, but more open and 1/4 to 1/2 the price, depending on your choice. You need to spend $59 to get the latest WiFi reception. $39 and $49 for 4K but only on 2.5gzh WiFi (I need the higher end in my house).

Anyways, the quality on Apple and Roku is much better than Amazon or Google, and the Roku cost - did not know it came down.

But talked more about it on NPI in the TTD thread. Roku is supply side building a media company base of 10s of millions and maybe a 100 million or more (if they are so fortunate) of a media platform. TTD of course is the demand side. Anyways, that can be a very long discussion. Just thought I’d share this article:…

Neither TTD or Roku are involved here, but it shows the early stage development of testing internet ads on cable. What should be programmatic at some point (if this is not - it may not be presently).

Still a very nascent market despite both TTD’s and Roku’s grand excitement in regard. But extremely large opportunity if it can become an effective programmatic industry.


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My only contribution here is to say that Roku’s are terrific (I was formerly a skeptic, then bought one and found out why folks loved them). So far, I’ve gotten maybe five of them with two for us and several given away as gifts. Couple it with the Plex Media Server (free) and you can also stream your home a/v library.

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