Twilio and Amazon expanding relationship?

This is from Benzinga. It’s unconfirmed at present but is clearly moving the stock (+6.7% right now).

Source Familiar with Matter Tells Benzinga Amazon Will Further Expand Relationship with Twilio, Work Together on Voice Solution Aimed at Managing, Scaling Communications


wow its up over 12% now! I like it!…

My comments in regard to Twilio today. Again, I usually know more about the companies I invest in. With Twilio, I knew enough from inference, but not enough to understand it in any profound manner. But I found that is not necessary for passive investors.

To a good day. I really don’t know where it goes from here, but am holding for the long haul in all my stocks (or I don’t bother). But of course I will sell when it is time to sell, like when TWLO ran up the moment the secondary was announced. But much more reasonable it again became.


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