TWLO Sales Team is Hard Working

Last week I was looking at TWLO’s services for a new research project where I want to use SMS. I have previously used SendGrid and downloaded a white paper from TWLO’s site with some information about using SMS. A few days later, I received an email from a salesperson who wanted to schedule a 15-minute chat. Today, I received a call from that same person, who was very nice and answered all the questions I had about the service. Once I get around to the project, there is no doubt I will use them as I already have a connection established.

I thought this was pretty solid work. I am by no means an enterprise and have spent < $1,000.00 on SendGrid services. TWLO is committed to expanding its user base, even among the small users.



Hi Bwa,

That’s great. Hope your project and use of TWLO goes well. Will be good to hear how your experience goes, and if the acquisition of Sendgrid from your (the customer’s) point of view was smooth.

The above is just an example of a decent sales team. When you download whitepapers and reports from company’s websites, you usually have to give some sort of contact details. These are basic leads to be used by the sales team. When a salesperson has a bit of quiet time, they can chase down some of these leads as they are not quite cold calls - they have an in. My point is, don’t read too much into the call/email from the saleperson. It’s standard.

I had the same from Nutanix last year, and look what happened to them :slight_smile: