TWLO Sell Article

Just thought I’d post a bearish article to see what everyone thinks about it…Tinker?…

Take care all,
Slightly Long TWLO


I could only get part of the article but the part available was exactly the same rule of thumb rhetoric bears have specified since before the IPO. There was no new insight or original point at all in the article. In that respect it provided nothing that has not been iterated by multiple previous articles on the best side.

Customer concentration as example, yes, but in July what’s App was 17% of lower revenues and is now 10% of higher revenues. Trend is on TWLO’s side, although some point to revenue concentration.

Valuation, depends when you value it. He used 3rd Q and annualized it. On expected forward revs valuation much lower.

He does not talk much regarding business fundamentals. Most everyone admits they are doing great business. That is my focus. If the business falters I will lose money, if it does not I’m likely to best the market.