Two questions about Research & Earnings Date

I read the knowledge base several times (thank you so much!).
Still (as a novice investor) I got two specific unanswered questions for those concentrated-high-growth-portfolio guys like Saul has:

  1. Research: How much time do you guys usually invest into one company until you decide to buy it? Aside the usual number crunching, what else are you guys looking for/through?

  2. Earnings Day: I am wondering, especially with those volatile high growth companies how do you prepare for earnings date?
    I imagine it like that:

  • You are already prepared selling the stock by pressing just the Sell-Button.
  • You are refreshing the press release page (or whatever) to get the numbers asap.
  • If the numbers are really worse or anything else looks terrible, you sell immediatelly.

Is it really that hectic or am I overthinking it? How do you manage the earnings date exactly?

I already learned so much of you guys, thank you very much 100x!



One of the things you can expect, mooo, is that the answers are all over the map. Some of the people here spend lots and lots of time on their analysis. Others don’t. Some keenly strategize around ERs, others don’t and just react if there is some unexpected news.

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This is totally off-topic for Saul’s board.

The way these people and most people handle earnings:

  1. They will listen to the conference call, either live or a recording.
  2. They will read the transcript of the call.
  3. They will read through the SEC filings.
  4. They will read write-ups, both for and against the company as an investment.
  5. Then they will think about all they have read and make a decision to start a position, add to a position, reduce a position, eliminate a position or leave it as is.

Don’t let your imagination run away.

Don’t get the impression that this is Buy/Sell/Buy/Sell/Buy/Sell …

Reacting to short-term phenomena is a great way to lose money!

“Is it really that hectic or am I overthinking it?”

No and Yes!

Does that help you?

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This is totally off-topic for Saul’s board.

Gdeet2 is absolutely right. No more replies to this post.


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