UBNT: $1.32 GAAP EPS $0.98 non-GAAP

That’s something rare to see, but it further illustrates why non-GAAP can be more illustrative of the on-going business, with the delta here being related to obsolete inventory charges (which I think they took the hit on last quarter).

Here is the release.


First 10 minutes look like there may be a bit of a short squeeze in play with Ubiquiti.

From looking at StockTwits, people have mentioned borrow rates for shorts in the 20+% range for quite some time.

Price action from the past few months indicated that Ubiquiti had basically a standing buy order in at about $69.95 per share for several stretches (other than the period just before close where they are disallowed from buybacks).

long UBNT and UBNT Jan 2020 $70 calls

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