UBNT Seeking Alpha Article

Worth the read!


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Thanks Van that was a really nice article. I especially liked this part of it.

4.There may be limited stock for the short sellers to cover should the company continue the buyback and its revenue accelerate. Robert Pera owns 57.3 million shares of the 88 million outstanding shares. Add company insiders, and the remaining float, according to Yahoo Finance, is only 26.7 million shares. As of March 13, 2015, short interest was 9.2 million shares or almost 30% of the outstanding float.

I smell a short squeeze.



Interesting info on the number of people logged onto the forum. Encouraging, and I assume that not too many are there trying to resolve issues. I noted that there were no accreditation classes listen for Asia. The two installers I used, neither had been to a class although neither could have afforded the $1,000 fee. That’s a lot, particularly on a “per product” basis.
Two radio products not having FCC approval. O.k., sounds as though competitors don’t have approval either so not a Ubiquiti short-coming.
Finally, my take on the new market comments on the call was that they were talking about the consumer market. Mr. Pera was cautious. Definitely a market for routers. Ubiquiti is cheaper than the higher end suppliers, but quite expensive compared to what can be purchased in the malls (which are stuffed with TP-Link products).
I’m quite long UBNT. Will be an interesting, perhaps pivotal year to see if revenues can continue to grow. Thanks for bringing this to this board’s attention.


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