UBS on Zoom today

UBS analyst Jennifer Lowe:

“Teams and Zoom stood out as preferred options for video conferencing, with Microsoft shops already on Office 365 largely favoring Teams, while those not on Office 365 split evenly between Teams and Zoom,” Lowe said in a report.

"Zoom was seen as the best option for rapid deployment and support for very large meetings, but for many Teams offers greater breadth of functionality and is included with O365 so effectively ‘free’ for existing O365 users."

If Teams is free for existing enterprise users and many SMB, with greater functionality, how many firms can realistically be expected to pay for, not just use, Zoom?

I used Zoom for the 2nd time last week and will use it again this week but it’s not something that I’d ever pay for. Are other posters here buying their service who already have Teams?

Naj, long MSFT


We use Teams in our workplace. It’s very collaborative. We won’t be using anything else.

I’ve been using Zoom with friends/relatives/club members. None of us pay. We set up back to back meetings if we think we need more than 40 minutes.

I work for an organization that uses Teams, and was part of a test this afternoon of using Zoom - there are some aspects of the Zoom meetings that Teams doesn’t support that make it a good fit for some of our operations.

We have free access to Teams but find the quality so poor that we pay for Zoom. If you haven’t tried them both you should… then the answer of why people pay for both will be crystal clear to you.

Had a close family friend die today. Because of this damn virus nobody can travel. I am seriously thinking of trying to organize a memorial over Zoom. I fear this is also going to become a thing.


Hi Vitamin, thanks for your reply. The first time I used Zoom the quality wasn’t very good either although that was months ago, it seems to have improved since then.

One might assume MSFT will put more effort into making their quality better over time, as they have with basically all their products from their OS to Excel to etc.

I just wonder, if, in a reduced spending environment that firms will clearly be in for some time, IT guys are going to want to spend precious budget on Zoom if Teams is free.

If it’s a clearly superior product, they probably will.


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