Zoom vs Teams

Anecdotes are not data,but the trend from friends seems to favor Zoom:

“Can safely say that NHS Microsoft Teams is the least good communication system I have used. And that includes two tin cans connected by a tight piece of string.”

" Comparison is only personal and experience based. Zoom>>Skype for Business>>>>>>>>>>>two tin cans>>Microsoft teams"

“I have only used it twice for videoconferencing and it was poor (certainly compared to Zoom). Teams does a good job at document collaboration though.”

“We use it (teams) in the office and it’s awful.”

“I find it easier than WebEx which I can never get the hang of. Our problem with Teams is that we seem to be running an incompatible version of outlook”

Yep. Zoom just works.


speaking of anecdotes, we use Teams at our company… didnt use it for video before pandemic started but it was simple and easy to start using it…

and zoom is prohibited even if a customer asks us to use zoom, we are supposed to send them webex invite…


If you want vague anecdotes I can contribute:
#1 Zoom: Security folks have refused to use Zoom for an Easter quarantine meeting for security concerns. Beyond that, a vendor that wanted to use it gave up and went with my #2 solution for screen sharing for a production installation of a new software produce.
#2 WebEx: It’s hard to beat these folks in terms of product performance. I believe that they are still the market leader.
#3 Teams: This works okay but is really for commercial companies where everyone has been drinking the Microsoft kool-aid. I don’t view it different than any Microsoft investment/tool.
#4 Google Hangouts: This is what a private school has been using very, very successfully to continue their private education of my youngest child.

I’m not sure that any of this has anything to do with investment advice. This is personal experience with products. The market is driven neither by individuals or products. It is primarily driven by investment bankers.

We are hoping that we bet that all boats will rise with a tide (market), or that we have more winning horses than losers (specific stocks). Both are valid strategies but the tide and the horse races are all owned by investment firms. This simply means that personal anecdotes don’t have much value in our bids.

Better questions would be:

  1. Will the market collapse again? (I think it will.)
  2. What drives the futures/shorts on any given day? (The news is often wrong about the direction of the swing. They are worse than the weatherman.)
  3. What are the investment banks thinking are the winning bids? (Can we predict or at least follow them to make a profit better than the industry ETF?)

Sorry to introduce myself as a negative person. However, I think that I am and I try to be honest. The good news is I think we can all benefit without needing to be the driving market force.

This forum is wonderful. I’ve just paid for one year of my child’s tuition within a month of investing based upon MF and this board. (20% return within a month)

Thanks to all of you who are bringing for more value than me!

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I’ll merely add that Hangouts appears to have some extra features for doctors. Some kind of “waiting room” where the next patient can connect, and cause a notification the next appointment patient is queued for the doctor/therapist…

(retreating to background lurking, now)

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