UK comes out on top

UK set to incur “highest debt interest costs in developed world”

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Rising inflation is driving up the debt burden on countries around the world, with the UK facing a bigger bill than other major economies.

We’ll just have to keep the printing presses rolling to pay the bills - money printing, the only economic policy that ‘works’ these days.

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Clearly the UK has not been using the printing press nearly enough to clear of the country’s books to nil.

The wealthy do not like to take care of things.

From the Irish perspective England destroys more than anything else. How about taking care of England at all?

In other words create an industrial policy.

Yes that is coming as a result of Brexit.

We did a bit of good, but certainly not in Ireland unfortunately.

I am talking at this point in the UK the damage is done.

The Irish are enjoying the viewing of this.

Yep, we are leading the race to the bottom at the moment.

I can quite understand why The Irish are enjoying it, given the history between us.

Love the country and people - we have had some great holidays there.

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I have UK expats here in CT that rib me. I am okay with that. The Americans watching it take it as ethnic hatred by the English or Scots who say things.

The reality today we Irish are having the last laugh.

Honestly if the UK spends on a factory buildout all will do a lot better.