Ukraine: Lieutenant General Ben Hodges gets it!

Instead of the wishy-washy “Gee we are afraid of Big Bad Bear Russia (BBBR) Ben Hodges recalls the Allied WWII strategy, “Unconditional Surrender” or else…” It worked a lot better than the Great War’s Armistice and the punitive Treaty of Versailles.

Ben Hodges congratulated Jonathan Fink, Silicon Curtain’s host, for coming up with the concept, “The Siege of Crimea.” The reason for controlling Crimea is the port of Sevastopol which the Russians have practically abandoned. The Kerch Bridge is underutilized for fear of Ukrainian fire power. Russian civilians are leaving Crimea. Now seems as good a time as any to give Russia the coup de grâce. Blow up the oil refineries, blow up the Kerch Bridge.

The Captain

Kerch Bridge

Anyone have a spare freighter to send to the Black Sea?


I’ve been rooting for Ben Hodges’ POV since the beginning of the invasion.

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