Unashamedly OT....no apologies, though

It’s apparently National Puppy Day. Been getting reminders over the last few days in the form of heartache inducing memories on FB of dogs that are no longer with us. Particularly sad because we had to euthanise Rose (the Basenji) and Zelda (my daughter’s dog) within the past few weeks.

Suddenly, we find ourselves with an emergency foster. Temporary…really.

And from yesterday’s memory of a few years back Cheyenne (Catahoula, front left), Zelda (indeterminate breed, front right) and the Basenji at the back


I went over my parent’s place this morning. The cleaning woman was working. Mom and dad had gone out to breakfast. I took Finners out of his crate. He is only in there when the cleaning woman is working. He was so happy to see me but crying for mom and dad. We went for a walk. Finners is an old man at this point. He lifted his leg put it down and peed. Then put a paw in the pee and we walked off.

I lifted him on the driveway, make note because mom asked how I succeeded in put him in the crate again. When I got in with him in my arms I went to the back of the house and gently put him down with his nose going into the crate. He obliged and then of course began to complain. LOL

My parents found him quiet about 1.5 hours later. Finnegan is a Shih Tsu.

I think “Tiny Bob” (grand-daughter’s name for him) is trying to tell me something :thinking:


“Tiny Bob” sure is appealing. What do you think his “main breed” is? Hmmm…could become a “foster fail” as the rescuers call it. :wink: He might not stay tiny. :slight_smile:

Sorry that you had to euthanize 2 dogs in the past few weeks. They are like family. :frowning:

Our last 4 dogs have been rescues. One stray, one from the dog pound, one from Border Collie rescue, and one from a single friend who died.

Best of luck with your newest little friend.

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On the website, they’re calling him a Shepherd mix. I think his colouring suggests a bit of Rottie. That asymmetric mask is due to new hair growing where he was shaved. According to the rescue website, he was found at the roadside with a big bite wound on his head. This is the first photo my daughter saw

My daughter puts adoption photographs up on her hospital’s social media page to advertise them. One of the internal medicine vets works with a couple of the rescues and the daughter supports the local shelter with $$$$bucks and low cost emergency care/specialist evaluations etc (not spay and neuter as, although the surgeons can do them…and fixed Max, her first foster fail…this is more general vet clinic stuff)

The IM vet introduced her to the rescue that Max and Temporarily Tiny Bob came from. You have to be careful with some of them (I’m sure you’re well aware) as they show all the signs of being a glorified outlet for puppy mills but without the “stigma” of a strip mall pet shop purchase.

Check this pupper out, @Leap1. Given his age, he hasn’t had much of a chance to be introduced to the crate. I had to go to the shops and didn’t want to leave him with my husband watching him as he takes “watching” quite literally and doesn’t understand the “and get him outside if he needs to pee/poo” part of the assignment. Not a murmur from him apparently.

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No, I wasn’t aware that a breed rescue could be a glorified outlet for puppy mills. I can’t understand why they would do this since the price of a puppy from rescue is much lower than the price of a puppy from a breed er or pet store.



Well, there are one or two that’ve crossed my daughter’s radar screen that charge quite a bit for the “rescue”. I hadn’t heard of it either but it became a bit more common when the shelters and legit rescues suddenly found themselves out of dogs, apparently.

One that my daughter had to axe claimed to be rescuing dogs from high kill shelters in Missouri …but the dogs on their website were all young pups. I would’ve imagined that there’d be more older dogs in the mix. Not elderly, but dogs that had reached adolescence, say and were beyond the cute widdle puppy stage

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