O.T .....puppies!

My daughter’s latest fosters. Arrived Monday night. Rescued from a kill shelter about 30 minutes before they were scheduled to be euthanized, apparently. Or, should I say … allegedly.


I do not trust them.


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Bring on the kittens!


Kittens are cute, but they grow up to be cats…which are not. Dogs, however, are great at any age.

This is last week’s foster. He found a furever home within a few days. I expect the same for these puppers…


Cats don’t need to be taken outside in the worst weather.

I called my aunt’s cat “PsychoKat”. He had more than a few of the Turkish Van personality traits. He was also the only cat that ever responded to my barking at him. When he was doing something verboten, I would bark “knock it off”, and he would immediately stop. I almost brought him home, when my aunt moved to her son’s house and told me she intended to dump him at a cat rescue, but I resolved, 50 years ago, to never have another pet, because of that last trip to the vet.