"unread" vs read ? Unread doesn't go away?

I see I have 5 “unread” topics, 4 new…however, I’ve read those 5 and AFAIK they still show as “unread”. Why?

The counts are unreliable. Think of the as a minimum, not a specific number.

So they - the counts- serve no purpose? More ridiculous aspects of this whole new scenario! sigh… and thx

So guess I’ll just stop trying to read what I already read…and pay no attention to the counts. Seems silly - but WDIK? thx

Spend a few more seconds on them…the system needs the time to recognize that you opened it and read it…additionally, if there is more than one reply, you need to make sure you read to the last one or it’s still going to show as unread because you haven’t finished the thread.

ok - will try that. thx

Thanks, but I still can’t get it to work. I’m back to suggesting that these numbers are incorrect (useless)?

They can be incorrect. That does not make them useless. I have found them to be useful as a minimum, which is to say a non-zero number means I have something I have not read. I have never seen a case where it sends me to something I have already read. It may send me to a message later in a topic (thread) I have read, either because it is new since I read it, or (as CMFMints pointed out) because I didn’t read to the end.

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There’s also a bit of a start-up issue here. When you first start reading these new boards, the threads migrated over from the old boards can sometimes cause a few issues with the counts.

My guess is that if you get curious and look at an old thread but only look at the first couple of posts, it keeps showing up in the count of unread threads.

There’s also a bit of terminology problem here. These boards make a distinction between what they call “unread” topics and “new” topics. “Unread” means a topic/thread that you HAVE read, but has new posts on it. “New” topics are those you haven’t read at all. But the system doesn’t show you both counts. If there are both New and Unread topics (threads), you get the count of the unread topics only. Then when you have read all of those topics, you now get the count of New topics. Even more annoyingly, there is sometimes a lag between a new post or new topic and when it shows up in these counts. I’ve seen a lag as long as 30 minutes.

Is this annoying? Absolutely. But understanding what is going on can help with the annoyance level.



As you’re reading messages in a topic, over on the right there is a pair of numbers separated by a slash.

You (usually) want to, at least once in each time you’re reading the topic, scroll down far enough that those two numbers are the same. That means the system recognizes that you’ve read all the messages that it’s showing you.