Update of Saul's End of July Portfolio

End of my July Update

As I usually do, I gave my portfolio end of the month summary as of the last weekend of the month. However, I made a number of changes on Monday (yesterday) so I thought I should keep you up to date for accuracy. And please, it’s not that anyone should copy what I did.

First of all, my portfolio value which was up 27.5% on Friday, finished Monday up 29.5%. Here’s a revised table:

End of Dec 100.0% starting point

End of Jan 109.7%

End of Feb 107.0%

End of Mar 105.8%

End of Apr 91.9%

End of May 106.3%

End of Jun 119.0%

End of Jul 129.5%

What changes did I make:

I sold the remainder of my Enphase, 3.4% of my portfolio. It may do just fine, I didn’t want to hang around to see, and I had other places I wanted to put my money. If you decided to keep your position, fine, I hope it works for you and it certainly may.

I sold two thirds of my 5.1% Tesla position, and it is now a 1.7% position. I am pretty sure Tesla will do very well, so you don’t have to try to convince me of that. I just couldn’t feel comfortable holding it.

My Axon position grew a lot, from 3.6% to 8.5%.
My Pure position grew from 2.5% to 3.0%
I added a tiny bit to TradeDesk and it grew from 13.2% to 13.4%
I started a very small speculative position in Enovix at $20.30. It’s about 0.9% of my portfolio.

Please don’t follow my trades. For example, I could decide tomorrow to sell my Enovix but you wouldn’t hear of it for four weeks, and longer if I was ill or whatever. Tesla or Enphase may do much better than the Axon that I bought. Make your own decisions based on your own thoughts.




On Friday I also closed out my ENPH position. I made some money on ENPH over several years but it underperformed the market. It is very volatile and it does not generate the same conviction as TSLA does. One needs conviction to hold extra volatile stocks.

Denny Schlesinger


Wednesday I carefully read over the conference call transcript, especially the questions and answers, (or not-answers and semi-evasions, in my opinion), and I exited yesterday morning near the opening (near $19.20 for a lot of my tiny position). I took my loss and moved on. I just didn’t want anyone else to feel “Saul’s in it so I’ll take a position”. In my opinion, it will be a long, long, long, time until they are profitable, if ever, not quarters but years.