Anybody know where this stock will be 10 years from now ? That’s why I invest.

Like their growth prospects and potential for relationships with big banks.



Pondering what the price will be in 10 years assumes the company survives. With inflation here, a possible recession, and the risk of a housing crash, this is no where NEAR a certainty.


OK, granted, nothing is certain . . . But, IMO, you have to work very, very hard to make a case for the demise of Upstart (more likely scenario is that they get acquired).

They are looking at depressed activity for the remainder of the year - maybe even into 2023. However, they remain profitable. They have over $1 billion in cash with total assets just shy of $2 billion. Total liabilities are about $1.1 billion.

They have a proven technology that is disruptive to the lending industry. They have a very substantial moat. Might I remind you that lending is the foundation of the capitalist system. They continue to on board lending institutions and now, “rooftops” or car dealerships.

I could go on, but let’s just say I think there’s substantial evidence to assure that Upstart will be around for another 10 years or more.

Quite possibly you are making judgments based on stock price movement rather than a look at the company’s fundamentals.


UPST crashed to bear demise in 2020. We stated quite clearly it is highly cyclical. When economy turns around, when Fed becomes more accommodative again UPST will again be this future goliath. But UPST has not figured out how to make subprime non-cyclical and as of now has no compelling reason to replace FICO for better credit worthy customers.

How far it might fall? How far it might rise? But do both it will do. Did it before will again.