Upstart's problem

I wrote a post yesterday, lost it during the preview message phase. Not going to recreate it. Problem is funding sources and a desire to obtain committed capital. If a pig had wings it could fly, was my thought. I would love some committed capital, too, but such things must come at a cost. Today, Marketwatch came out with a similar message, so better to check it out here,…

if you are interested.

UPST at an even $28 after hours. My $28.50/$36 spread on options still looks pretty good. DDOG and CRWD puts are right at the strike prices.


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Another problem. August 9.…

I have a D or D- understanding of the O/C and the full collateralization process. But the CND is pretty straight forward and the forbearance policy does hide actual CND. $25.50 is definitely in play.