Plan A

UPST. Still the horse I intend to ride back to respectability. I have orders placed at $97.78, $88.88 and $82.88. This market is crazy enough that I just might get a couple of those. I might put in a day order for $102. Still have 10 minutes or so until my bedtime.

Clubber, I feel you pain. Remember, I sold at $113 and saw it go to $127. But, resisted the FOMO and got some back at $103 and $105. Sometimes, ya gotta tune out and be stubborn (irrational markets and solvency and all that be damned).



Thanks KC, I have already started to build a new portfolio, the usual suspects DDOG, BILL and S.

I think that this war might be over in a couple of days/weeks and the (irrational) markets will go higher despite the high inflation and all the negative news about the world economy.

Today I heard that in Brussels (which is an important city though) they´ve started rationing cooking oil and flour (like they did in April-May 2020).

Good luck with UPST (your limit at 82$ made me smile)!

My UPST score card now is:

3/14   $ 88.88
3/22    128.68  (FOMO moment)
3/24    112.96
3/25    108.16
3/28    101.15

That last purchase was a change in my $82 order from limit, 60-days, to a market, day order. I could have sold after hours for $108 but I was slow and pre-occupied. Almost 7% gain on it in 1 session. I have a spreadsheet entitled KC’s bonehead sales, which tracks my middle of the night profit taking/capitulation action. It shows me down 6.41% compared to a POMO do nothing. I am 73% cash with 23% of port in UPST.

Market opens in 8 hours.

Saxophone time.



I sold just the number of shares that I bought on 28th. In essence, in at $101.15, out at $119.90. Reluctant to liquidate the position which I am trying to keep building. So, that old devil, compromise. When the market is up and holding cash, it seems that prices will never come down. When prices are down, it seems that there is no bottom. Next time UPST hits $101 will I nibble or go over 35% to get some trading shares?

Timing, timing, timing. Thou shalt not commit… (Book of Saul)



Lucky you, your strategy pays off.

“Next time UPST hits $101…” - you made me smile again!
Wishful thinking or what?

How about next time when UPST hits 250$?
Or 400$?

“Next time UPST hits $101…” - you made me smile again!
Wishful thinking or what?

Under $100 from January 20 to January 28; from February 3 to February 8; from March 10 to March 16. It hit $130 once and $150 twice in between those $100 lows. C’mon, man, why not $100 in April? “Do it to me one more time, I can never get…”

But the Lord sayeth: “You asked for $100 and I gave it to you 3 times, KC. You swore, just give me one more bite of the apple and I’ll never ask for anything again. KC, you’re toast.”

Maybe Clubbervision6 is correct. But this is Dreamer’s habitat. C’mon, Mr. Market, just one more bite, huh?



. I have orders placed at $97.78, $88.88 and $82.88.

Well, I raised those prices. I have one order left at $94.88. Otherwise, I filled up my UPST position for the long haul. If I get more shares at sub-$100 it will be for trading.

Looks like it will be $100 before $125.


I have orders placed at $97.78, $88.88 and $82.88.

I had forgotten about the $82.88 order. Long since cancelled. But I have purchased below $88.88 pre-market Monday. Where’s Clubbervision? I’m smiling now, but if $82.88 come around I’ll be nervous. I’m 47% UPST and have another small order in at $88.88.


I’m 47% UPST and have another small order in at $88.88.

You need a nickname.
Admiral Upstart? (since you live by water)

I sold DIS at a minor loss to raise cash in the 401k as names are continued to be beaten down that I like more longer-term.

My bounce has yet to materialize. Oh well.
Might as well keep crashing then, and get to fantasy prices.


(since you live by water)

But fortunately, a few hundred feet above it. Typhoon! Spawned a secondary tropical storm that came right at us and then (I guess) got sucked back towards the big guy. Stalled, reversed direction but kept the rain coming. Flooding. DW downstairs packing bags of rice and whatever.

Don’t know if the Dreamer is in Ohio. I am enjoying Hell out of Steven Kwan. He was center field for Oregon State. I noticed him at the Surprise Tournament in Arizona back when. He is my size and left handed and I patrolled that same patch of grass at OSU back in wooden bat days, so he was “my guy”. Baseball is the game of statistics and detailed game records of various degrees of obscurity. All time record for reaching base 15 times in first 4 games (since 1903, as no records before then).

Too wet to plow so… Got my FBAR (foreign bank account reports) off yesterday. Filed for extensions for fed and state taxes. Drink coffee and play sax…