US Ignorance & Innumeracy Enriching The Danes

America’s curious tradition of allowing unlimited price gouging on drugs is now responsible for almost all the growth of the Danish economy.

{{ The reason: Ozempic and Wegovy, two weight loss drugs made by Novo Nordisk that have been proclaimed as revolutionary in the field of obesity.

The company’s booming success now explains almost all of Denmark’s recent economic growth, and the surge in overseas sales in the drugs is prompting the Danish central bank to keep interest rates lower than it otherwise would, economists say. In the past few weeks, Novo Nordisk’s market value has exceeded the size of the Danish economy. Its soaring share price has made it the second most valuable public company in Europe, after the luxury goods group LVMH. }}



I guess they wont sell Greenland to us?

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Nope. They know they have a gold mine in Greenland.