US Military defenseless to cheap, low-flying drones

Surely our Military/Industrial Complex can come up with a multi-billion dollar counter measure? {{ LOL }}

From the comments:
{{ One commenter suggests these drones are changing the face of warfare. True. But even more scary, they will change the nature of terrorism. It’s only a matter of time before a terrorist attack or political assassination occurs with a $200 FPV drone, a hand grenade, and an operator sitting two miles away. }}



Too true, and I proved it “by accident” scaring myself silly.

My home in Mexico was in quiet countryside until recently. Two years ago some entitled rich jerk built a large crappy home he advertised and rented out for big druggy parties with cranked up sound blasting into the late night. I pondered, and then researched using a drone to dump disgusting smelling substances onto the adjacent parking lot and patio of said house. I did some research and realised that my engineering and cyber was sufficient to be able to buy a suitable drone for the mission, mask its control and use, and carry out the mission from a safe distance. For CHEAP.

Thinking some more, I thought it wise to not give visiting young idle rich druggies from Mexico City, let alone their hoodlum narco suppliers, any ideas. I just put wax in my ears for a few months.

Then the house got busted by the local police after some of my more far more intelligent poor neighbors rounded up a large bunch of dangerous street dogs, starved them for two days, and then loosed them on the grounds of said party house at 2AM. The police were called to intervene in the scene of mayhem and then gleefully offer the guests a choice of big bribes or jail. The party house business collapsed.

Cheap and powerful digital weapons from micro-robotic vehicles through drones, combined with spying sensors, poisons and explosives, will obsolete a hell of a lot of expensive military force, recalling the collapse of the power of armored mounted “noble” knights when some smart Swiss peasants realized the similarity of their oppressors to lobsters, and then slaughtered an army of their rich oppressors with cheap long sharp halberds at the battle of Morgarten, permanently transforming warfare.

Cities, Aircraft Carriers and Barracks behind walls are coming to have a terrifying resemblance to lobsters.

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Swiss lobsters. Who knew?


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The Swiss are now exquisitely aware of their lobsters (google swiss lobsters), but yes, some other similie might have made more sense. Any suggestions?

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A dogged counterattack! :dog:

The Captain


Halberds would make very wicked cheese slicers.

Search results for Swiss lobsters all indicate that lobsters in Switzerland must now be stunned before being boiled. Is that what you were referring to?


Yes! Swiss have more tender feelings about their lobsters than USAians do about their felons.

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Already there. Mark Rober explains and then tries his hand at it.

Easy peasy.

Just tell the lobster that the House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill.