A friend of mine works for this company. He told me about it when it was $90 about 15 months ago. Not my cup of tea but I wondered if anyone is familiar and if so your thoughts. I must say that the CEO was my favorite part of the story.

New York Magazine said the CEO was the highest paid female CEO in America.



The sexual preference of the CEO is not a good reason to invest but the 24% CAGR since IPO certainly is specially with a P/E ratio of 29 which makes it cheap. In about 3 months UTHR will have a Klein chart (minimum 16 years of data required). I don’t follow or invest in biotech but Nassim Nicholas Taleb of Black Swan fame says that biotech is good black swan territory.

Denny Schlesinger

BMW Method Screen Cross Reference (Klein charts):


It’s not the CEO’s sexual preference. I seem to be drawn to CEO’s that are distracted. An ego maniac with an idea for a phone. A CEO that would rather play Michael Jordan then take care of business and another that wants to colonize Mars. You can’t make this up.

Need to go to Colbert for answers.




Robert, it’s not your everyday average guy who changes the world. The question is whether that change is for good or evil.

According to Ray Kurzweil within the next 100 years artificial intelligence will match or even surpass human intelligence. The big question is “what is consciousness?” My best answer is that it is an emergent property of mind or perhaps of intelligence. If so, there is no reason why sufficiently advanced artificial intelligence could not achieve consciousness as well. Then what? Frankly some human advances frighten me: Atomic power (the bomb), gene therapy, cloning, transplants, intelligent androids. We can’t stop progress so we have to earn to live with it. Scary. I won’t be around in 100 years but some of you younger guys and dolls might be and you’ll have to deal with it. Get prepared. Get ready.

Denny Schlesinger

The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence by Ray Kurzweil


UTHR sounds like an interesting company (beyond the CEO). Is there anyone on the board who is invested in it and can tell us something about the company?


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Martine is telling her employees not to sell their stock options because it will reach 500. I don’t doubt her but biotech is not my thing. Apparently Martine had a child with a rare heart problem. Drug companies would not touch the problem so she took all of her money from the sale of Sirius and developed the drug that saved the child. That is what they sell. Very expensive pills.


Martine is telling her employees not to sell their stock options because it will reach 500.

I don’t find this very ethical for anybody in a company to do. They should setup what ever ESPP, grants, options program they like with what ever restrictions.

But employees should do as they please freely without influence of those trades from members of management of their company.

When I worked in the dot.com times, we merged with another small company similar to us. I picked up a few employees from their side and heard some horrible stories about people losing out. Their stock had gone from $2 or 3 to over $40 per share which made quite a few employees quite rich on paper. But they were often discouraged from selling with messages about the stock will go higher. To make it worst, they had to manually request to sell through which would get asked questions as to why. The price crashed from $40+ to around $2 or so

One of my employees managed to unload at a good price on the basis he wanted to buy a house. I felt bad for those that went against their own judgement.

I never been that lucky with Options from my companies but always sell any RSUs and ESPP stock at the first chance after the vest as long as no restrictions.

He can do whatever he likes and he has in the past.