VB: $NVDA Reveals QC QODA Platform

Venture Beat headline: Nvidia reveals QODA platform for quantum, classical computing


Today, at the Q2B conference in Tokyo, GPU and AI kingpin Nvidia is announcing QODA — its Quantum Optimized Device Architecture, designed to create a single programming environment for hybrid classical-quantum computing. Similar in overall aim (and name) to Nvidia’s CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) platform for parallel computing development, QODA takes the highly specialized quantum development discipline and makes it accessible to a broader range of software developers. But the plotline for Nvidia GPUs in the quantum world is more nuanced than it is even in AI, and QODA’s goal is to make it straightforward.

“It’s a very different world than it was a decade ago” Timothy Costa, Nvidia’s director of HPC and Quantum Computing Products, told VentureBeat. Costa explained what’s behind the progress the quantum industry has made: “What we see is the industry going from one- or two-qubit systems, most of them in academia, up to today, to systems with 200+ qubits based in the cloud.”

Qubits are the rough equivalent of bits in classical computing, but while they can be read as having a value of zero or one, qubits can have multiple values simultaneously, making them and the hardware that instantiates them the essence of quantum computers.

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