Video: 6 of Putin's commanders die

Dramatic moment ‘six of Putin’s commanders and five soldiers are blown up in vehicle ambush’ - in region where Russian female commander who ‘enjoyed killing Ukrainians’ was killed by missile

Video shows anti-tank missile destroying the first car, before second turns over

Ukrainian officer Anatonly Shtefan says six commanders and five soldiers died

Kachura is the 97th known officer to have been killed in Putin’s war, as Kyiv’s troops continue to bleed Russia’s top ranks.

The toll in Russia’s officer corps is thought to be so high due to poorly-encrypted communication networks that allows Ukraine to intercept calls and messages, identifying the location of commanders to be killed.

Analysts say officers are also being forced to the frontlines to try and fix Russia’s poor battlefield performance, putting them in greater danger.

Russia is now more than five months into what was supposed to be a days-long war in Ukraine to topple the pro-Western government and install a puppet regime.

In that time, Putin is thought to have lost 75,000 men wounded or killed - more than half the force he invaded with - along with tanks, planes, warships and drones worth tens of billions of dollars.…