Wabtec upgrades NSC locomotives


Will increase efficiency and reduce emissions.


While I think the Wabtec deal is good, I question whether NS is a viable railroad. I would be interested in opinions.

Tell me more. What do you see at NSC’s major problem?

If they merged with someone, who would that be? Most would result in antitrust problems.

So would you suggest breaking it up and letting other railroads acquire pieces? How would you do that?

They do have some good routes. The one from Kansas City to upper Ohio avoiding Chicago congestion has to be one of the best. Easy access to Detroit or the northeast. That route was one of Jay Gould’s accomplishments.

Coal train days left them with many lines too low for double stacked containers. They are slowly improving. CSX has the same problems. How do they compare?

You know Paul you ask too many good questions. I really don’t know enough to make a decision about NS. I take back what I said.

Oh my, colleran. Thanks for your input. No offense intended.

We will have to watch the news to see what comes next. With KSU being acquired, one less railroad. Lots of streamlining. Investment in high traffic lines. Railyard congestion a continuing problem. Expensive to address. And manpower shortages.