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I don’t know, but why do you assume it made no significant difference? Here is one set of data, note what happened to border apprehensions from March 2014 to March 2015.

What would you consider significant? The number of apprehensions for this March (a slower month) was over 193,000.


Come on, you know correlation is not causation. The downward trend was happening long before the factory was built. Can you actually point to something other than coincidence?

Is that sarcasm? I am not sure but I doubt it.

The correlation was causation in smokers. That is where the saying comes from, Correlation is often causation.


I made no claim about the Honda expansion in 2014. You are the one assuming it had no significant impact on illegal immigration. The burden of proof on that is on you, but what data there is suggests there might be one.

I am predicting that the Tesla gigafactory combined with Tesla’s demand that most of the supply chain for that factory be local will significantly stimulate the regional economy, which in turn will significantly reduce the inflow of immigrants to the US from the south. The data on that is not in yet.

But I think a pretty good argument can be made that the best way to secure the southern border is to make Mexico an automobile manufacturing and distribution hub.

Would also note that most of the major medical discoveries began as observations of interesting correlation:

Alexander Fleming: “Look at this weird correlation between the presence of mold and the absence of bacteria”.

Some sailor: “Look at this weird correlation between eating oranges and not getting scurvy”.

AMA: “Hey, anyone else notice this correlation between smoking and lung cancer?”

Correlation is not the same as causation. But causation generally leads to correlation.

Mark Twain

Familiarity breeds contempt and children.

The man who invented the resectioning of cancer-filled lungs was smoking in the OR over his surgery patients. One of his residents got him to fund the first US study on lung cancer. The resident was looking at gray lungs and it was not lost on him why they were full of cancer. What was proven was the correlation between lung cancer and smoking went hand in hand.

The word correlation has never been proven. However, smoking and lung cancer have been correlated.

That prominent doctor died in a room above his OR of lung cancer shortly after the study came out.

LOL, you are claiming that Tesla WILL have an impact. The burden of proof is on you!

I simply tried to help you by giving you another situation like Tesla where you might be able to go out and find supporting evidence. You made the claim, you bear the burden of supporting it. I certainly don’t have to prove a negative. You are getting sloppy.

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I made the prediction that the Tesla gigafactory and the consequent economic development induced will reduce illegal immigration from Mexico. This is based on the simple premise that the wealthier a society becomes, the fewer the citizens who want to leave.

You disagree and presented the counter-example of Honda in 2014 as if that supported your position. However, turns out that a year after Honda expanded manufacturing in Mexico, illegal immigration appeared to decline. This is more consistent with my position than yours.

So as far as I can see, you provided evidence supporting my position, yet somehow believe you made a point. Very confusing.