Warren Buffett - Do what you love

By far, the best “job” I’ve had is my 28-year long career as an Early Retiree. It’s also been the most remunerative and best compensated on an hourly basis.

Why work a 40-hour week if you can earn enough by juggling a few index funds for 20 minutes a year and minimizing the “Skim”?

Warren Buffett Says Your Overall Happiness in Life Really Comes Down to 4 Simple Words



You can even do better than that. Some people on the forum I don’t know if I’m allowed to mention here have like 5 and 10 million dollar 401k’s and it’s all in VBINX. Let the butler do the juggling.

As to the article. Poppycock. It’s like saying, for happiness go out and get a perfect life. Gee, thanks Pop. I’d have never thought of that. Then whose going to do all the real work that needs to be done?