Water seems to be the theme this year

Now that the rain has dialed back for a week or so, up popped another headache. Water was coming up out of our water meter box, over the sidewalk into the gutter… Not from the shared gutter drain with my neighbor, but only my water meter concrete box. Took the lid off, it was full, but went muddy as soon as I tried to see the dial. The meter has a leak detector which spins if there is any flow through the meter.

Called the City water folks, Saturday, but the on-call fellow was here in 20 minutes, he pumped it out, checked the meter, but found the leak on the City side, a pinhole a few inches below the stop/shutoff valve. He put up a cone, said they’d be by today to fix it. After 11 AM and nobody here yet today, Monday.

I was afraid it was my side, on a weekend, getting a plumber would have been a mess.

When it rains it pours… Broken Honda mirror, broken microwave, need dental work, need to fix the medicine cabinet, need to fix the gutter diverter… Happy New Year!

OTOH, the sun is out!


Oh, that happened to me in July 2020… a pinhole leak in the piping coming to the meter. ( I may have done a happy dance on the porch when they told me it was on their side)

They finally fixed it in late September 2020. I had a swamp in the front yard for several months. (They mostly blamed Covid for low staffing and needing to prioritize main water leaks but they did finally get to it).

Of course, it then took them until March to repair/replace the sod where they had to dig up all their piping. It’s a wonder my HOA didn’t fine me.

Good luck!

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Well, hopefully this happens sooner, as we’re definitely still in the water saving zone here, so they should be on it unless other troubles are bigger than this…

Well, after 5 PM here, nobody showed up, we’re in SF tomorrow, so they are on their own, without my supervision! :slight_smile:

It could be a while…

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Sorry that you are encountering these issues, but it could always be worse…doc

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Lucky it didn’t happen to you in Houston. There could be a geyser in front of your house and it would be low on the totem pole behind pot holes, bank heists, murders and pouring funds into the East End.

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Indeed it pours, sorry to hear about these expensive/painful/annoying issues. Perhaps the rest of the year will go smoothly, though, since you had your share of misfortunes all at once in January.

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OK, Progress! City guys chowed up, hoping they don’t have to dig up our newly paved street!

Naturally, this morning we’re off to SF’s DeYoung Museum, the Egyptian Antiquities are here!

Clear skies, and we’re off!

Came back home, they were seemingly all done, gone, but today, talking to my neighbor, it turns out they are coming back. And are going to dig up our newly paved street, my guess is the piping is rotten, so they want to replace the whole connection to the main feeder line… If they do mine, how many more are in the same condition? Rumor has t they are going to do all the home ties on the cross street, before the expected reppaving later this year. But this street was done early, before the water department had a chance to redo them… So more tumoil to come, they are doing Mark & Locate, might take a while…