We are still way early....TWLO OKTA

Last week Okta had a conference and the opening keynote was put on YouTube. Only 375 views thus far.

I am a Okta shareholder but and you should watch this whole video. But many of us have way bigger positions in Twilio and I suggest you first scroll thru the presentation to the best part.

At the 1 hour and 30 minute of this keynote where Ceo Todd Mckinnon introduces the Ceo of Twilio, Jeff Lawson. I think you will be in awe of the transformation that he makes on stage as regards to the energy that he and the Jordans he brings to the stage. Waxing poetic on the future of communications. I Love that guy!!

Remember scroll to the 1hr 30 min part of the presentation first.



Great find. Huge fan of both Founders.

Here’s some Tweet’s from Todd Mckinnon about how he prepped for that keynote.

He seems like a great person and leader. Someone I want to invest in.


He also shared this with me when I told him I was going to share his message with some of my students.

“So cool. Thanks for the dm. Remember to tell them we’ve been doing this for 7 Oktanes. Wasn’t always this efficient in prep and successful and pretty in the end. Learning curve baby!”

And this is why I invest in Founder-led mostly US companies. Where else can we interact with CEOs like that?!


Hi gclever, well I didn’t have the patience to watch the entire 2 hour Okta presentation but I watched the first 25 minutes plus another 25 minutes with their guest Jeff Lawson from Twilio. Wow, he just radiates energy and enthusiasm, doesn’t he. Thanks for recommending the video.


Hey Saul!
Your welcome, thought it was something positive that we could talk about on the boards. Investing is a patient man/woman game. Those who were invested prior to January 1st 2019 saw some monster returns from the companies discussed here as a whole. But they are weeks were we see the markets give back their gains.

This is normal just like it may take a python 10 to 14 days to digest a big meal the same thing happens to stocks. We just don’t go up every week even though it felt that way in January and February. March appears to have been a digestion month. With the start of earnings season it may be time for some more gains. It’s funny how things have changed though.

I used to be really excited when earning season started and we would get Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and Google to announce. That’s when the gains were made. But now it’s the back half of the earning season when Twilio, Alteryx, Trade Desk and Zscaler announces when the real fun begins.

Here’s hoping that December brought the fangs down enough where institutions will be forgiving and scoop the blue chips up setting the table for a good earnings season.


I listened to to the Jeff Lawson [Twilio CEO] portion of Todd McKinnen [OKTA] presentation that gclever88 posted. Passionate, dynamic, creative, innovative, excited about his business and what it offered to his customers. A great CEO to watch and keep track of. But what I also struck me as I listened to him were the similarity I saw between what he appeared to speak of as the real value is in what his company truly offers and what Saul reiterates again and again about what really is the true value this board offers its members. Not a one stop monolithic static solution but building blocks that allow the end user (or board member) to create their own solution.

The following snippet takes place at about the 1 hour and 36 minute mark of talk.


Twilio is about what we can enable our customers to go do and what we can enable our customers to go build because like a lot of the stuff you [Todd McKinnen/OKTA] just launched. Twilio is not a solutions company. We’re not here like traditional enterprise software models saying we have a monolithic fixed feature solution to your business problem and you’re going to forklift the thing in and then it’s going to sit there for a decade and just do its thing and if you want any changes you have to get on our product roadmap, see if you can grab the product people alright, get them some drinks, maybe you’ll get your feature done.

We are an enabling company because we’ve taken the world of communications, broken it down into building blocks, given it to our customers with the goal of having them rebuild communications in their vision the way they need it to work for their industry for their company for their use cases whatever they see is the communication requirement that they have, they’re now able to build it…