Twilio CEO Lawson on Cramer

In case someone missed it:

Seems very much like business as usual for Twilio. They are focussing on the long term and executing on their secular growth trend. Also, Lawson was commenting on Jeff Immelt’s addition to the Twilio board. Some people here seemed worried about that but I think Lawson gave a pretty good answer to the skeptics. I also missed their new product “conversations” which sounds very interesting: enabling customers to text businesses which should further improve customer relationship for Twilio customers.

For what it’s worth Cramer also believes that many Cloud/SaaS-stocks are good buys again.

Have a nice weekend! (And don’t worry too much about this sell-off. It has happened before and it will happen again. Our stocks are fundamentally the same companies they have been before the “rotation”.)


P.S. I love listening to Jeff Lawson. He seems like an amazing leader: smart, focussed, value-driven and full of integrity.