Weekly videos - sharing

Good morning. I’m new to this board, and still have a lot to learn with investing. I’m a mid career govt employee in a mgmt position with a natural resource background. I have a young family so not too much time to invest, ahem, in, um, investing.

One resource I’ve discovered and enjoy is a weekly video produced by Chris Ciovacco of Ciovacco Capital Management (CCM) out of Atlanta.

Mr. Ciovacco produces videos (typically released Friday nights or Saturday AM, and run up to an hour but typically run about 35 minutes) focused on TA, in a way that folks lime myself, with no financial education can follow.

This weeks video for instance, he reviews a case study of The S&P500 vs 30 yr treasury bond which typically move in tandem. However, they have diverged recently and he compares the present day to 1984 when they diverged in a similar way, and then show how the market moved over the next 3 years as a way to demonstrate the potential of better than expected, longer term results.

He has produced some very interesting case studies in recent months providing anecdotal evidence that we are in the early stages of a generational secular bull market by comparing market behavior during the 80s and into the 90s when the baby boomer generation was in their primary income earning years, to today’s markets and the millennial generation coming into their primary income earning years.

I just wanted to share this resource for those that might have an interest. In no way am I saying Mr Ciovacco is 100% accurate 100% of the time but I have found his videos to be enlightening. I hope sharing this may help provide some additional context for some of you towards a profitable outcome. If this is OT, I apologize and please delete.

Here’s the link for this weeks video