Weird EPS on

Here’s SNCR as an example, but Nasdaq’s numbers are weird on other stocks too.

Looks like the spreadsheet for this board includes Non-GAAP EPS, which I can match at various sites:

2014 Q4 = .53
2015 Q1 = .49
2015 Q2 = .56
2015 Q3 = .58
(2015 Q4 est = .57) via Yahoo Finance and others

Pretty sure these are GAAP - they match Google Finance. They’re coming from

2014 Q4 = .31 (company said .30, but I guess, close enough??)
2015 Q1 = .23
2015 Q2 = .33
2015 Q3 = .21

…but then I see these, which I can’t identify, at

2014 Q4 = .41
2015 Q1 = .39
2015 Q2 = .47
2015 Q3 = .42
(2015 Q4 est = .44)

Anybody know what that last one is looking at? I mainly ask b/c I think I have seen the .44 estimate for Q4 elsewhere, but the .57 number (non-GAAP) number as well.


As Mr. Wonderful from the Shark Tank would say “All I want to know is how do I make Money”.

shorted SNCR on 12/10/15 @ $38.33. Today $29.91. Still think SNCR will still sink some more.

Normally, do not like fundies which can be fudged, however, thanks for the EPS data sheet site. An excellent Tool. Impressive, but, SNCR is still taking a pounding for some reason.

Just a thought,


Is every trade you make either the price hitting the 13 day MA or the 13day MA crossing the 50? Just trying to understand your logic. Is that all it is?



13day MA crossing the 50. Today, SCNR dropped a few more penny’s.…

I have scanning tools from that find the exact Xover for any stock or ETF.

The following is an example of moving averages. Just change the numbers to 13 ema and 50 ema.…

The above charting information is the appetizer.

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Charts don’t lie, people do.

I think I got a list of the SA stocks from the FAQ board when a young man was complaining about the results. So much for TMF_BS.

was wondering if COST is on da list. I happened to own and trade COST. When I got laid off on May 1st, 2007 I tried to get a job with COST. Didn’t get hired so I make money trading the stock ever since. Same thing happened with LUV as a baggage handler 10.00 an hour at out local airport. No luck, now trade LUV as well.

Bought COST on 8/27/15 @ 140 and

Sold COST on 11/4/15 @ 159 and

Bought COST on 11/17/15 @ 157

Sold COST on 12/9/15 @ 161.

Shorted COST on 12/10/15 @ 161

COST is still sinking

I see NFLX is taking a pounding

AMZN got a buy signal today.

FB got a Buy signal 1/22/16

AAPL has been taking a pounding since 11/11/15. that is an awful lot of money left on the table. Your spouse would make you live in the DAWG HOUSE.

Hope the above can be some assistance.

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