Welcome to Saul's new board and a few things to get you started

Hi Y’all,

I would never post here and I know this is completely off topic but Saul gave me permission to post a few links for help guides and if you have questions, maybe you can use this thread and don’t start any others for it. Of course, you can always go to the New Site Help and Feedback category and ask there so other members can see your questions as well.

If you haven’t had the chance, check out the Overview Video and scan through the Help Guide (it makes more sense as you go - I found myself coming back to it a lot over the first few weeks on the new system - you might consider bookmarking it for each reference)

  • Posting: If you see the Green New Topic button, click that to start a new thread
  • Replying: Open any thread up and click reply next to one of the message to reply…it doesn’t really matter which one, the message will post at the end but it will show who you replied to.
  • Editing…click the three dots next to Reply to edit you messages. You’ve got a 5 minute grace period to fix any typos - after that, you can still edit but we’ll retain the history.

I’m working through the Announcements for this board…should have it up today or tomorrow. That’ll include al the things from the old once, such as the Knowledge Base as well as a link to request permission to post on the board.

We’re here for you as you get to know the new platform.